Does anyone else do surveys to earn ADA?

Hey all,

I know this seems stupid, but does anyone else do some silly surveys to earn ADA? I’ve started, earned about 10 coins so far for “free”. (not going to promote any site here as I don’t want to be a spammer).

I do a few surveys after work when I get home in the arvo, just to pass the time.

So, yeah, wondering if anyone else wastes their time with these things?


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I would do it!
Where are these surveys?

I use this site, ‘’. Full transparency, that link is a referral link; otherwise just go to and ignore my referral link.

It takes a few surveys to earn ADA, but I’ve found installing phone apps/games and completing the requirements (make it to level XYZ, etc) seems to earn the most. It can take a few minutes to be rewarded, but so far none haven’t been rewarded if completed.

So far, it seems legit. I’m up to almost 30 ADA now.

(I really hope this thread doesn’t break any forum rules, admin delete if it violates anything)

Pretty much sums it up - I would be more concerned about the possibility of nasties getting into your system, but each to their own.

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That’s a fair article. Their last paragraph is correct as well. I do it just to pass time after work, I don’t actually see it as a source of real income.

With regards to the apps, every app I have installed has been installed from the App store, and immediately uninstalled once the task has been completed.

But of course, there is an inherent level of risk.

Not meant as a criticismmate, I just would not trust all of their pop-ups. Who is to know, they might be even using your cpu for mining whilst you are filling in surveys? Like theses guys … well at least they ask you! lol

Have you had any experience with Cryptarium a NZ exchange?

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Nah all good mate, I know it’s dodgy AF… But I guess I’m okay with the risk, and I completely understand why most wouldn’t be; like I said, it’s dodgy AF and someone else is making a lot more cash-money than I am from the bollocks surveys and what not that I’m completing.

I haven’t had any experience with Cryptarium, but I’ll give it a squiz.