Does it make sense for poor people to invest in Cardano?

I saw somewhere that there are going to be around 360 ADA for 1 ETH , assuming this number is correct and if Cardano were to reach ETH , or even outperform it: it still wouldn’t be that great… most realistically it’s going to be around 1-2 USD

So what’s the point of investing in this coin as a person that isn’t rich already (and wants to make a safe investment) as opposed to investing into something deflationary (risking more but also gaining more)?


Very valid questions. I suppose some expect market cap to grow. I would ideally love to see this coin top out at around 200-500 USD but I fear thats unrealistic,


At this stage in the Crytpo ecosystem it does not make sense to put in what you can’t afford to loose. This applies to all coins and all types of investments/gambles. If you can’t afford to loose any money I’d recommend not “investing”. Personally I see myself supporting a better system/technology and don’t plan on selling my holdings for fiat. I hope to one day, be able to spend it.


this answer is just a “safe” general answer. telling people not to invest when they could spend 200 USD on certain coins and possibly reach financial independence for the rest of their lives in a couple of years

question was more about whether with this coin such outcomes are or aren’t possible

@qwertyfulipolipohihi do you really think that nowdays there is still a chance to reach financial independence with any coins out there? with just $200?

I think those times are gone, you need big bucks to make big bucks nowdays, even in cryptos, and being very very speculative you actually have a bigger chance to get a Black Swan on the negative side than towards the positive.

You can’t make millions with small amounts, unlike in the era when from 0 we came to the billions worth market cap that we have today.

At best you can double, triple, or make 50 times your investment.
so at best you can make $10,000 from your $200.
Certainly not financial independence.

I think nowdays there is more chance for you to go from $200 to $0.02 than from $200 to $2,000,000.

If you want that kind of risk you should aim to something no one is talking about right now, like noone talked about bitcoin before.

Even if you invested in bitcoin when it was at $100 what would have you made today? ~$40,000 …is that going to make you financial independent?


The main question should be if you and many others believe in the strategy and vision behind this (or any else) cryptocoin?
If it could become a decentralised, energy-efficient, scalable and secure payment system, covering micro-payments up to stakeholder-shares, and widely adapted in the real world, you can use your ADA for financial independency for the rest of your life.
If you still count and calculate in your known FIAT currency, and ADA can’t be used to buy bread, pants, health, home, … the only way to get rich is when you’re that one having bought at lowest prices, and sold out on top of a bubble. This moment someone else’s $ became your financial independence.

I did not mean to say you should not invest. It’s up to you. I can only give my opinion, which is that a Crypto is definitely not a safe investment, especially if you can’t afford to loose the money you put in.

When it comes to such outcomes being possible; the answer is that it is possible. What’s more difficult to figure out is how probable it is. No one know’s the answer to that. Personally, I think Ada has the best chance of reaching mass adoption.

When it comes to the number of coins in circulation it really does not matter. Say you put $200 into ETH and the ETH price went from $1000 to $2000 you would make a profit of $200. Now let’s say you put $200 into Ada and it went from 50c to $1, you would also make a profit of $200. When the number of coin’s in circulation are fixed it really does not matter how many are in circulation from an investment point of view.

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If you dont understand why learn cardano cl

Do you see Cardano reaching $300 ever Gandalf?

Jesus Christ.

Crypto up more than 400% in the last 3 months but apparently there’s no money to be made.

You deserve to stay poor, with such a negative outlook on the world.


I can’t see the future. So I can’t see the price in the future. Therefore my answer is I don’t know.

It really does make more sense discussing market cap. 300 ea would mean a market cap of 12T (assuming it happens when there are 40B coins in circulation - not all have been minted). Also if the value of the USD goes down it makes a huge difference. There are so many variables, making price predictions pretty much impossible.

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I think he is just asking for something like, “why you guys invested in”? He just make it somewhat complicated. I think somehow it make sense if youre ingaging un crypto to double your money.

Jeeeeezzzz Why so negative???

where i can buy coin cardano…i am very confuse…i need your help



If you are poor, you can still invest, but obey the golden rule: “Do not invest more than you can afford to loose.” So, if you really have only a small amount of money, you invest a very small amount, but still you invest according to your limits.

Nobody wil be able to tell you, if you will win investing in ADA, because nobody can predict the future of this.


Topping out at about 4.3 cents AUD at the moment

$3 would be a miracle

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In Africa 10 000 dollars makes you a chief or financially independent if you frugal.