Don´t keep your Crypto Assets on an Exchange - Another Example


That exchange use to be my place to buy crypto. Fortunately I moved to Coinfield. My girlfriend has/had one litecoin still on the exchange, so we might be out that. It would have been thousands of $ if I hadn’t made the switch.

Got 90% on Ledger and Daedalus now.

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I used it a lot too…then my account got banned. lol lucky… XD

It claimed to be biggest exchange in Canada…now this is kind crazy how they operate the platform.

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seems like more amazed things were founded. lol

looks like a huge conspiracy behind the death…interesting…

Say what you will about the Watchdogs but I hope they stick around.

We need an outside organization to keep things on the up and up. The only issue I have is the importance of the issues brought up.

Big stuff like the Parsons petition is important. Stuff like how the forum is run, maybe not so important.