May I ask, what exchanges readers use for buying and selling ADA?

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I’ve used Binance to purchase mine

Thank you. What features of Binance do you like, or feel are important?

I’m not much of a power user so don’t use much of the features, I only used it because they have Ada.

Crypto sells it too.

Trigger, do you use Crypto?
If so, may I ask about your experience with, and your level of confidence in, C.C?


I have a very high confidence in Crypto, security and support,

I use coinbase too.

The only cons are that they are pushy on there own coins MCO and Crypto coin plus some exchange rates for various coins can be slightly high in my opinion, network fee is reasonable.

They offer various Visa Debit cards with benefits that depend on weather you stake MCO.

They have other offers that can benefit your coin hold upto 18%.

Overall my experience has been good and I’d rate them 4 out of 5.

That is very helpful. I just saw your reply.

A Windows laptop just arrived, and I am currently syncing the Daedalus wallet… will experiment with buying and moving coins, directly with Cardano, and am thinking Crypto dot com for their coins in their app on the iPad.