Doubts to choose a pool

Hello everybody.

I would like to know what (+340) means in fees 2% +340.

Is there a place that explains what each option means?

Hey @Andre_Soares

There is a community FAQ : Cardano Community Support FAQ



That’s what I was looking for, thank you very much =)

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I looked at the FAQ. I think this is a good pool, can you tell me if there is something wrong that I didn’t see?

In doubt of choosing a pool just pick empty ones to support decentralization even if you get no rewards. Don’t stake on large whale pools.

The pool is probably a fine pool. I’m much in favor of staking to pools that charge the minimum fee of 0% +340

Expect to get some hate from stake pool operators that want you to pay more

Please do not advertise your pool here.

This is against the rules.

SMAUG is the creator of Your delegation to his pool will surely be appreciated. Not a bad choice from my point of view.

If possible support small pools with a mission, they all need delegators. The rewards tend to average out around 5% per year anyway, big or small. There is a forum page dedicated to pool presentations, take a look there.