Dynamic IP address solution

My fellow SPOs on this forum and in Cardano in general have provided a wealth of tooling, support, and knowledge that I will never be able to repay. But here is my small attempt to give back.

For some time I have had my eye out for a problem that needs fixing in the SPO world and this was one that I needed a solution for so I would guess that others may as well. Enjoy.

A system service to periodically check a dns address’s ip resolution against the the current firewall rules in order to detect a public IP address change as well as monitor/log the availabiliy of a DNS server.

I’m not sure how this is a problem, since you will be behind a NAT mostly anyway. You just need to NAT your port to the internal address. What firewall rules are you updating?

It sounds like you may not have an issue with dynamic IPs if all your nodes are behind the same NAT.