Dynamic transfer ada to wallet address(I need help i am new to cardano)

I want to create a project to transfer ada from one user to another How I can get other user recieve address dynamically while transferring Ada.

Requirement is not very precise, but I guess you can’t.

The receive address usually has to be queried from the user.

It is derived from their secrets (usually a seed phrase in software or in a hardware wallet) and they should never give that to someone.

If “just ask the user” is a valid “get dynamically”, then you can. Just ask them.

If not, more details would help. What do you want to do and why?

@HeptaSean Thanks for your reply
I am creating a website where two types of user can register one is user another is affiliate.
Affiliates can send payment requests Users.User can see the payment requested by affiliate in user dashboard and he will click on pay button and will pay the amount to Affiliate or user can pay amount without any request as well. just click on user profile and pay button will open a popup where he needs to submit amount.

You could ask them for their receive address upon registration.

Or you could ask their wallet app (which has to be connected anyway to later sign the transaction).

ok @HeptaSean thanks

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