Easily track delegator rewards with Cardano site or app?

My goal is to see how much rewards each wallet earns for each epoch. This seems like an activity that most delegators would be interested in.

I understand you can use 3rd party websites to try to track delegator rewards. Are there any official Cardano websites or applications that allow delegators to lookup rewards? When I try https://explorer.cardano.org/, I can’t seem to find any information usiing my rewards address. I recognize that the Daedalus wallet shows a lifetime sum of rewards for each wallet.

I have tried adapools.org and pooltool.io and my rewards addresses don’t seem to show any information. Some people have described a process in which you visit the stake pool on adapools.org, go to delegators, and manually sift through the addresses looking for your own.

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Yoroi wallet shows rewards for each epoch. And yes, once you found the stake address of your wallet - by searching it at delegator list of the pool on pooltool.io - there is a detailed section of the address, where all the reward history can be seen.

good point on why explorer.cardano.org or Daedalus not showing this info…

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