Rewards shown on chain explorers but NOT available and NOT shown in wallet

Hi everyone. We’ve observed something strange with the records of staking rewards. The following is just one delegator example but we have seen this in several delegators (stake key addresses).

Chain explorers like show the records of rewards:

And this looks correct because this wallet has never transferred its delegation to another pool. PHRCK has also minted 2 blocks in epoch 214. So, this delegator should rightfully be entitled to its share of the rewards.

But checking the wallet’s rewards balance using cntools, it shows that its rewards are still only 12.465481 ADA and it’s already epoch 217 now when I did this.


When I checked in, the same info is shown:

But the rewards for epoch 214 are already overdue according to the delegation cycle provided by CF:

I remember this delegation cycle has been pushed back by 1 epoch to compensate for that issue before where some stake pools did not show up in Daedalus wallet. Even applying that introduced delay, it would mean that rewards earned in epoch 214 should already be distributed by now (epoch 217).

Anyone else experienced this?

Hope someone can shed some light on this.

I’m not sure if this is really a bug. So, I’m asking this question here before I file a bug report on Github.

Update: Here are some additional observations after digging around for a while.

It seems that this affects only the pool owners’ pledge wallets. After our first batch of rewards (from epoch 213), the rewards earned in epoch 214 were all sent to the stake pool’s rewards address and not to the individual pledge wallets.