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Has anyone seen this or used this tool [Link removed by @Zyroxa] to connect your wallet (GERO, CCVAULT, YOROI, ETC) to the different DEX’s (muesliswap, wingriders, sundaeswap, etc)

I want to make sure that I’m using a legit tool here so I can connect my Gero Wallet to any of these DEXs.

Thanks in advance

No offense but if you are thinking about connecting your wallet to such a shady site, the cryptospace aint your thing.

Nice response. Glad you can help. By the way, I’ve been in the crypto space for over 4 years now thank you. Have fun being an ass!!

As i said i didnt mean it as an offense and im sorry if this sounded rude, but why would you even think about connecting your wallet to such a website? Does this website does looks legit to you?

That’s why I asked because there are scams everywhere. I’ve reported scammers on Twitter for claiming they are tech support, etc. The website is questionable whether or not it looks legit so I had to ask. I was on the official Wingriders telegram site (made sure of it) and they directed me to this website/tool because my Gero wallet just says connecting when trying to utilize their DEX.

Have you heard of Wingriders?

Yes i did but ive also heared that there are alot of fake/scam TG/twitter channels for that project.

Could you please DM me from where you had that link to that website?