Plutuswap is legit?

Plutuswap Joins In The Race To Become The Pancakeswap Of The Cardano Ecosystem

??? scam or legit???

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They got a good hype engine rolling online but there is no actual code in the repository that they created today. That’s a bit of a red flag for me. Might be just getting started, might be hoping to sell tokens to fund their project, or who knows what?

There will be projects coming out the wood works targeting Cardano due to Alonzo but the reality is this is the beginning of the work not the end. I suspect literally no one will have a functional smart contract platform for Cardano day one of mainnet support.

That said October onward is going to be very interesting!

Hmm let’s see… they registered their domain 8 days ago, immediately announced a “pre sale” of their token. Not to mention “Chance Straton" is listed as CEO/Founder, yet it appears the photos on his IG account (listed on the Plutuswap website) appear to have been stolen from a London-based realtor named “Daniel Daggers”. Search the IG handle “chance_straton” (fake) and compare it to the handle “daniel_daggers” and see for yourself.

Plutuswap looks like a scam to me

Yes,for sure is a scam,I asked a question about daniel daggers on their telegram account and în 2 seconds got kicked out

The CTO has abt 16 connections on LinkedIn, his experience is 12 years system administrator, no blockchain or dev. I was in their telegram and asked him how many devs the team consists of. He said they will be onboarding a full team soon. No partnerships. Next to that there’s dexes for cardano which are a lot further than this one is. So this project is a no for me

After research and comparison vs. other DEXs, it does feel like a scam!
Is there any way to get the investment back?

I posted a picture of this thread on their telegram chat and was kicked off the chat immediately. It is a SCAM

I have been trying to look into also.They say to use yori wallet and send them ada.And some how plutuswap coin will magically appear in your yori wallet???when it goes live??

If you look at Mohammed Affan pic on plutuswap site,and then look up his name he worked for microsoft,and his pic is different. If it is the same guy???

Well then, sounds like their domain and all associated “marketing” should be reported on the SCAM thread and others should be warned. That’s half a dozen red flags and counting now …

I think Ill go ahead and report it as a scam. I wouldnt want anyone else to lose investment like me. I know it might be early to say but there are too many red flags after research so i rather do it sooner than later.

Thanks all for your kind feedbacks.

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For those who are concerned, I have a raised Ticket for Cardano to review ASAP.

Ref number CFDB - 2115

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Is there anything we can do to receiver our tokens back? Surely we can track where the address is from and find out if it leads back to an exchange?

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I have asked Cardano investigation bureau but I am waiting for their response.

We have their wallet address but i am not sure if anyone can do anything to retrieve it back when these scammers try to sell on the exchange…

Lets wait and see.

They took down their Twitter and Telegram group minutes ago. Pretty sure the rug pull just happened

Yep, all their social media is shut down now… They definitely packed up and probably on the run now!

I hope their accounts are all frozen and all their tokens returned to the rightful owners!

Its devastating to be scammed like this…

How can we see the ticket. I tried to search it but only pulled up your message. I myself invested too.

Sorry to hear that…I know what you are going through…it has been really tough 2 days for me.
Whether a small or big investment, it hurts to know that its a scam and your precious savings are gone.

I’ve visited Cardano Fraud Detection Bureau but I don’t the tickets are publicly visible.

My recommendation will be for you to fill in the form as well with the information that you may have (if any)?

and lets pray that the police will get them with the support of the Cardano Fraud Departments support!


This is the wallet for the first round of presales.

This is the wallet for the second round of presales.

The damage value is more than 210,000 ADA.

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He transferred all the money to this wallet. and have not been forwarded to any other place.