Education is key to KYC and risk mitigation for RL

Perhaps focusing concurrently on the benefits of how blockchain technology allows creative and financial freedom in ways that are not mutually exclusive would help rid antiquated stigmas while simultaneously propelling faster adoption globally.

  • Would NFT projects also fit a liqwid template by offering many customer options and incentives? Within that “sphere” could be an appraisal process for the project determined by trusted appraisers or the markets. Plenty of people rent their IRL NFTs that have staking like benefits.

  • I think the sooner that people understand the benefits of both cryptocurrency and NFT’s as a means to add tangible value, they will be more likely to drive the industry. More boldly, any education on the projects is a step forward from current practices in other industries with surprise microtransactions.

  • My opinion is that Core consequents of RL that are potentially positive and or negative is a real investigative effort worth setting an industry standard on. Why couldn’t some of these early iterations be focused on educational opportunities to learn economics at home, in school and with the continued rollout of the goal to increase opportunity globally? RL is a powerful tool that when harnessed properly can change the way people perceive world views in profoundly positive ways but it’s all contingent upon the actual foundation/projects which is why I personally invest in Cardano. I’m just excited to see all of these changes and am very appreciative of how patient and accepting this community is for kindly pointing out how to dyor.

I think it’s pretty amazing to think about the possibilities of having very accessible ways to create value and also educate people of all ages to encourage financial independence, prudent financial decision making and essentially not having the impact and severity of the negative consequences and stigmas in the past. I don’t see how the two don’t exist in the space together harmoniously. Therefore the negative aspects that exist today in the NFT space in general will be lessened when acceptance becomes more palatable then I would assume that also helps drive the goal of accelerating other projects and mission goals as well. I’d rather talk about this on the proper social channels but wanted to edit my original post as the overall tone and delivery. I’m really hoping that I can start engaging in conversation as that’s really how I operate naturally and hope to be able to sooner than later.

Perhaps the original post is a cautionary tale of heightened anxiety, psychosocial stressors & the Dunning-Kruger effect. I barely can understand what I wrote :slight_smile:

If I view my investing as a sunk cost then I have altered my priorities on learning. My investment perception is a sunk cost therefore I have already pivoted to higher priority items of concern. I find myself less motivated with the financial aspects with each day’s passing and more concerned with the longer-term effects of unintended consequences of the fine line between proper information and misinformation as a result of systemic failures that could become exponentially more dire without course correction. I find myself more concerned with a growing mistrust of not only compiling, listing and interpreting information but how this can be decentralized on a global scale without risk of numerous secondary gain functions that would nullify the very integrity of the information at any given point in time (information deemed correct merely is a perception of narrative based in power…or numerous power structures of competing interests). I simply cannot conceptualize how any of this is relative and not precise evolutionary determinism on 1-AD. I am learning to be very grateful there are so many diverse projects that are seeking accountability, sustainability and how the ambitions can interconnect globally. I do think the more I learn the better my thoughts are kept to myself as I also have to better account of my own biases moving forward.