Empowering the Cardano Community in Africa: A Summary of the 23rd June Catalyst Africa Town Hall

The Catalyst Africa Town Hall held on June 23, 2023, focused on the ongoing proposal submission for Fund 10. The discussion was led by Daniel, the Community Manager for the Catalyst Africa Town Hall. Daniel provided attendees with comprehensive information about the various Challenge Settings and the important details related to proposal submissions.

During the event, Daniel highlighted the specific limits and guidelines concerning the amount of ADA that proposals could request from the fund. This information was crucial for participants who were interested in submitting proposals and seeking funding for their projects.

The discussion on Fund 10 proposal submissions provided attendees with a clear understanding of the challenge settings and the financial boundaries within which proposals should operate. This knowledge empowered community members to effectively craft and submit proposals that align with the requirements of Fund 10.

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The Catalyst Africa Town Hall continues to be a valuable platform for African Cardano enthusiasts to gather, share insights, and stay informed about the ongoing developments within the ecosystem. The event served as a hub for knowledge exchange and networking among individuals interested in advancing the Cardano blockchain.

We extend our appreciation to Daniel for providing the necessary information and guidance during the town hall, which enabled participants to navigate the proposal submission process effectively. The Catalyst Africa community looks forward to further engaging discussions and upcoming events that will continue to drive innovation and progress within the Cardano ecosystem.

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