EMURGO Advisory Spotlight: HEROBIT

Official Cardano partner and commercial arm EMURGO, is pleased to announce its advisory of Japan-based Amusebank, providing blockchain integration to Legend Baseball Co.,Ltd. which already provides an extensive, mainstream “interactive sports theme park” with indoor screen sports & gaming under their trademark Legend Heroes where visitors can experience a wide-ranging interactive mix of games and game attractions realistic visual effects and actual playing of physical sports with matches and events in games such as baseball, soccer, archery, etc. in addition to a variety of other games, all across Japan & South Korea. Visitors along with family & friends can select from an assortment of real sports mixed with modern screen effects in an upbeat atmosphere that also offers beverages and delicious food.

Amusebank & Legend Baseball through its accumulated sports entertainment & arcade market research which offers more than 30 game titles, will now develop a blockchain-based online sports gaming system together with sports machines and provide the HEROBIT platform for gameplay, leveraging EMURGO’s expertise in blockchain R&D solutions as well as our global network of related blockchain and industry partners to get its blockchain solutions fit for the market.


HEROBIT is a blockchain-based hands-on sports video game service implementing smart contracts and will offer a decentralized ecosystem for trading digital goods. It is based on an ecosystem that trades and exchanges digital goods, a spin-off of its successful, physical indoor sports theme park business, including screen baseball, screen football, and hands-on sports games machines.

HEROBIT has the goal to provide an open decentralized platform that will ensure transparency, fairness, security, exchange and warranty using smart contracts focusing on delivering an online arcade of sports-based games including AmuseBank games along with other game development to expand its user base to 20 million users within two years of product launch. The digital assets to be used in transactions on the Herobit platform are referred to as HEROBIT TOKENS.

HEROBIT will additionally develop more game systems, including VR/AR games for its platform to broaden its product offering for its users.

What Areas Will HEROBIT Address?

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Very cool! Congratulations team Emurgo.

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