EMURGO: Cardano (ADA) Fellow: Helping Cardano Developers Launch Applications and Services - A Deep Dive into sōshen

Following the recent update of EMURGO-developed, Cardano (ADA) Yoroi Wallet Version 1.6.0, we are proud to support sōshen. sōshen aims to simplify the developer experience for building and launching Cardano-based applications. By taking away the node maintenance requirements from developers, sōshen will make it easy to build, test and launch applications hosted on Cardano.

It is designed and developed courtesy of Khoa Phan,an entrepreneur, full-stack software developer, and one of the first Cardano fellows in the dLab/EMURGOaccelerator program. As a Cardano fellow in the dLab/EMURGO accelerator program, sōshen’s founder has access to a world-class network and a unique experience to interact with startups and fellows in the program,and EMURGO team members, such as Sebastien Guillemot - R&D Engineering Lead at EMURGO, on a daily basis. This network allows ideas to be shared and fosters a spirit of collaboration. Khoa’s goal is to provide a powerful and easy-to-use API for Cardano developers.

What problems do we face today?

For blockchain-based applications in general, developers and people interested in staking pools on Cardano (for Proof-of-stake) currently face many big barriers to entry. One major barrier is that a developer must have access to a full working node for application interaction and smart contract deployment. The role of a node is to support the Cardano network by maintaining a copy of a blockchain and, in some cases, to process transactions. The effort and maintenance needed for operating full nodes are unreasonable and the server costs are no trivial expense.

How can sōshen solve the problem?

① Highly Reliable
Developers can be stress-free as sōshen’s dedicated fault-tolerant infrastructure will keep their blockchain applications online and running at max capacity.

② High Security
Developers can achieve peace-of-mind by offloading their security concerns to sōshen’s s ervice. sōshen is hardened and monitored at all times to maintain a high level of service integrity.

③ Scalable
Developers can feel empowered to build, grow, and take their business to the moon by utilizing sōshen’s highly-available and extensible infrastructure as their launchpad.

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