EMURGO Japan PR Coverage Recap

EMURGO is the official commercial arm of Cardano - the first third generation blockchain to evolve out of a research-first driven approach. As Japan is the birthplace of Cardano and EMURGO has a Japanese heritage, EMURGO is constantly covered by many prestigious Japanese media outlets. Since the interviews are mainly conducted and available in Japanese, we would like to take this opportunity to share some highlights of our media relations activities with our global audience!

Why do we focus on media? As we all know, cryptocurrency and blockchain are some of the key topics regarding future societal and economic development. But still, the general public lacks an awareness of what blockchain is and the benefits it can have on society. Media plays an important role to educate and introduce the concepts of cryptocurrency & blockchain, as well as their benefits to the general public thereby helping to accelerate our industry.

Thus, it certainly follows that increased media coverage of EMURGO leads to increased awareness & promotion about Cardano blockchain, which inevitably adds more value to ADA.

In Japan, EMURGO has been fortunate enough to have been covered by top tier media publications - NIKKEI [1] and NHK [2]. Here are some of our previous interviews:

NIKKEI: EMURGO will start Blockchain Open College at Tokyo University of Science

In Nikkei article, it marked EMURGO partnership with Tokyo University of Science, and EMURGO committed to hold a series of lectures on Cardano blockchain technology at the university.

Nikkei is a traditional large domestic media organization with newspaper publishing at its business core. The flagship daily newspaper, The Nikkei, has approximately three million subscribers. Nikkei’s multi-platform media distribution also includes online, broadcast and print magazines. NIKKEI is known as the company which acquired Financial Times.

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