"Endgame" Currency

In best spirits would an “Endgame” currency in this example Cardano be best if explored by the United Nations and Ultimately issued by the United Nations with the IMF?

I see my self being borderline anti crypto for the exemption of Cardano in conversation (and in respect to other sustainable crypto’s).

But I would definitely use a U.N issued Cryptocurrency if I knew it was going to strengthen developing or struggling nations.

Anyone think Cardano could take ADA to the United Nations to be discussed?

Its funny you mention this, i was trying to explain Cardano to my wife. Did the currency, digital companies, assets etc and said aha … this is it. Its a digital country. Just like when you go on holiday you swap currency to be able to go and buy a drink and pay for taxis. Each country has its own rules taxes, culture. So each crypto is basically another digital country.
Does that mean you need to pick 1? Nope. There’s no borders in cyberspace and you can belong to all of them.
But it explains why you need an ID to take part. Not be anonymous. People who want to remain anonymous are usually up to no good and don’t want to be accountable for their actions.

Should we go to the UN… yes, maybe, but not as a currency, but a new virtual country.