Introducing BRICS on Cardano [BRICS]

Dear Cardano Community,

The newly announced Universal Monetary Unit (UMU), aka “Unicoin”, presents an existential threat to all cryptocurrencies (to say nothing for humanity’s freedom) unless other nations take the same steps as was done in El Salvador and the Central African Republic with Bitcoin, and soon. Why shouldn’t Cardano be the next one, and with 3 African nations already embracing it (with 2 of them applying to join BRICS), why shouldn’t it be BRICS?

The BRICS nations are presently entering into deep discussions about a replacement for the Dollar, and the West - with Unicoin - has clearly already decided which direction it intends to go. Isn’t now the perfect time to bring this conversation - of Cardano being the most deserving candidate for legal currency status - to the table?

That is the mission of BRICS on Cardano Stake Pool, and it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance!

While our aim is founded on purely economic principles, the inherently political nature of such an enterprise means we intend to remain as anonymous as possible as an SPO, but we bring 3 years of SPO experience from another, rather well-known pool, to the table. Fortunately, it includes a fair deal of practice with the hardening of our nodes from outside attacks; and this will no doubt prove de rigueur moving forward.

It’s an exciting challenge, and we feel it’s about time this conversation was had in earnest! Won’t you join us on Twitter, @ADA_BRICS?

BRICS on Cardano

[BRICS], 10k ADA pledge, 340 ADA fixed fee, 2% pool margin



Pool ID: pool19mpy9euyvak6usvdalcjyl8kqvrf75sf8lzkc0nl9e8mw4kzhyk
Hash: 2ec242e784676dae418deff1227cf603069f52093fc56c3e7f2e4fb7

Hardware: 3 public & 4 private cloud-hosted servers, geographically dispersed across 4 continents, all Linux and with increasingly expensive minimum spec requirements to let us really know how much we love living dangerously! ;D

Please do stop by and say hello?

Best regards and cheers!
~ BoC

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