Introducing the ZENNY POOL [ZENNY]

I have been involved in crypto for about 5 years, but mostly as an observer - until recently. I am a researcher in computer science and have been interested in the theory behind cryptocurrencies. When I stumbled upon the Ourobouros paper, I was amazed by the cleverness of the approach and the depth of the mathematical proofs. And when I learned that the Cardano team was developing a currency around it, I wanted to become involved actively into crypto.

The theoretical foundations on which Cardano is built are much stronger than Bitcoin and Ethereum. Both cannot be sustainable and will eventually be abandoned - but Cardano has every element required to be a true decentralized currency in the long term. Combined with their talent in marketing the currency, I think that the adoption of the currency will be very quick.

As for the stake pool itself, I operate a few high-performance servers, but I decided to operate ZENNY through AWS, simply because their service works and is simple, reliable and secure. No need to complicate things. I will operate the stake pool professionally using my experience in maintaining several Unix servers for my research.

The ZENNY name is a tribute to the currency used in Capcom games.

Ticker: [ZENNY]
10,000 pledge, 340 fixed fee, 2% margin


Contact :

Pool id : def7f6a14be0a8f13595e479bd394d63d55695f7d084ed89ff4c33fe

Operator based in : Montreal, Canada

Equipment : AWS servers (because they work!)

Operator experience : I have operated several high-performance computers for academic research purposes. Before being a researcher, I was a web developer and had to maintain
three Unix servers for a website with millions of unique visitors each month. This experience will allow me to easily operate and monitor a stake pool.

Goals : My long term goals are to support Cardano and its decentralization objectives for as long as I can. I firmly believe that it is more than a trading asset and can become the de facto currency in the future. My main objective is to attract delegators until saturation, without aiming to take any profit in the first few years. Beforehand, the returns will be used to 1) add more relays; 2) develop monitoring tools for the users; and 3) improve the pledge and maximize the pledging bonus from the reward formula.

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