Introducing Rabbitholepools [RABIT]

Greetings everyone!

It is with great emotion that I introduce my first Mainnet Stake Pool: [RABIT]

I am originally from Italy but have lived in Australia for over 15 years. My background is in evolutionary biology, a field which in many ways espouses the values of blockchain technology.

My interest in blockchains goes back a few years and was recently re-kindled by the idea of using decentralised ledgers for the publication and divulgation of scientific information. Cardano’s philosophy and values align very much with my world views and I genuinely hope to be able to make a contribution to the growth of this great platform.

Ticker: [RABIT]
Pool ID: 9fa14b049b735e287da702a2b0a7c2a6612e81db9cc4284339a6a2f1
Fixed cost: 340 ADA
Variable fee: 1% (now and always)

RABIT went live today (end of Epoch 228) and is now visible on PoolTool as well as Daedalus. The infrastructure is entirely cloud based, with 3 global relays (California, London and Singapore). The BP is located in Sydney and has a backup for redundancy and security. All keys are offline only.

My current pledge is small, but I aim to increase it with time. After this wonderful ride into the Cardano world I now feel like I have time to explore more and look for avenues to get involved more deeply. I believe together we can make a difference toward a cleaner and fairer decentralised future.

Thank you for reading my introduction and thanks again to all of those in this community who have dedicated their time to helping me get here!



hi all!

Just a quick update:

the website got a slight face lift today. This was in response to a wrist-slap I received from the Google Crawler, saying the mobile interpretation had links too close to one another and text too small. I have tried to fix these issues.

I have relatively good eyesight for my age, and I don’t find the text illegible on mobile (landscape is better, I will admit to that). If you have the chance to visit the site and find issues of readability, please report them either here (or to me directly in the forum) or email the webmaster (rabbitholepools at gmail).

Thank you for your time,


Greetings all!

I am happy to announce a successful transition from epoch 229 to 230. All systems are in working order and I am currently working on expanding the topology connections of our three relays. Just last night we established a connection between our London relay and ANQA’s Lagos relay! Happy days! To celebrate in style, Rabbitholepools has increased its pledge 5-fold to 5K ADA going forward.

We intend to keep the community updated about our progress here, please drop a line if you feel like it!

All the best,


Good morning all!

Just touching base to let you know that I have just finished upgrading the existing Rabbitholepools infrastructure as follows:

Each server is now equipped with:

4 CPUs at 2.5GHz (up from 2);
16 GB of RAM (up from 4);
5 Gbit networking (up from 1);
60 GB SSD (up from 24).

I have done this in the hope of increasing reliability and giving the infrastructure a bit of future-proofing.

All the best,


Greetings beautiful people,

just a quick update to let you know all of the nodes for have now been successfully updated to version 1.24.2 (latest release).

You can view the release notes here:

Allegra and Mary, here we come! Exciting times :partying_face:

All the best,


Greetings beautiful people,

It is with tears of joy in my eyes that I announce to this great community the first ever block minted by [RABIT]:

I want to thank everyone in the community who supported me throughout my early steps as SPO. And a special thank you goes to the delegators who believed in this project and continue to support the great space of Cardano!

In response to this small (but huge for me) event, I have increased my pledge to 50k going forward!

Lots of love,




Greetings beautiful people!

As part of a community outreach program hosted by [RABIT], we have started a Strava Club: CARDANO RIDERS. The club is based in Townsville, QLD Australia but we are open to members from around the world. If you love Cardano and love riding, come join us here:

One of the ideas we have is to use the Club to raise awareness on waste management issues, by bringing easy-to-use and free recycling services to our local communities. At present our riders collect bread bag closures from participants in another project we run in Townsville.

This initiative is still in its infancy and we welcome not only new riders but also new ideas. Going forward we would like to accept riding challenges from the community and set up regular riding goals and meet-ups.

At rabbitholepools we hope that this initiative will synergise with other parts of our Community Projects by:

  • informing the Riding Community about Cardano and its many applications in a decentralised future;
  • leveraging the mobility and eco-friendliness of the Riding Community to bring about small but significant change in our local waste management.

If you are curious about this and other initiatives we are setting up, please visit:

Thank you for taking the time to read this!



Today the Rabbithole minted its first Allegra-era block!

This is our Fourth Lifetime Block, as shown here on Pooltool:

Thank you to all our Delegators, you ARE Cardano!

Greetings all!

Today I have increased my pledge to 52K ADA. I wish to continue to do this as the operation allows. Pledge increases are for me the equivalent of a a big thank you to old and new delegators, as well as the Cardano Community at large, for being such a great mob :clap:

Our Community Projects are progressing steadily too, and that also sends big kudos to our Delegators and Program Participants, you ARE Cardano.

Thank you,


All nodes updated yesterday to 1.25.1, in preparation for the Mary hard fork. Details of the latest release can been found here:

In some cases, if you are updating the software through cli, there may be a need for a pre-emptive cabal update

Best regards,


Feb 27 2021:

#Cardano $ADA reaches a new ATH🚀

A toast to this great community🥂