Introducing Rhea Pool [RHEA]

Hey guys!

We are two friends, Stefan & Predrag from Serbia!
Stefan is a Bachelor of Law and Predrag is a Master of Computer Science.

We have been friends since high-school (lots of years :grin:) and have been crypto enthusiasts since early 2017.
We both got into crypto separately and upon discovering that we had the same interest we started talking more and more, sharing altcoins, news and blockchain applications and have been watching the crypto community closely ever since.

After some time passed, we discovered Charles Hoskinson and his whiteboard video on Youtube.
Needless to say, we became Cardano enthusiasts immediately and creating a stake pool became a great way for us to be a part of the ecosystem!

Pool info

  • Ticker: RHEA
  • Pledge: 1,000 ADA
  • Fixed fee: 340 ADA
  • Margin: 0.5%
  • Pool ID: 68831f852f4d299157f0911eb74746b11b8bcc65c07f3ba7ea136910

Contact info

Niš, Serbia

Our nodes are run on a cloud-based infrastructure with servers based in Germany and USA. Instances are fully run on SSD (200 GB SSD), with 4 vCPU Cores, 8GB RAM and 200 Mbit/s bandwidth.
Nodes are monitored 24/7 by a dedicated instance with the same specs as mentioned above. System snapshot of every instance is being taken once per week.

Pool Ops
Experience in the field of software development and dev ops for a bit more than 10 years.

Goals and motivation
Our primary goal is to run an honest, secure and reliable pool for our delegators.

The long-term goal and motivation is to get more people into blockchain and specifically Cardano, as many as possible. For now, we intend to do so through our blog where we will start (have already started) from basic articles about blockchain technology and slowly dive deeper and deeper into the subject with the main focus on Cardano. Blog is written in two different languages (rs and en) so it can provide knowledge in our region even to people not speaking english.
We have even bigger plans for the future. As soon as situation allows it, we plan on giving lectures and presentations in our local communities. Our motivation is education and the adoption will follow.

We decided to join the Cardano network because of the blockchain design, because of the roadmap, Charles Hoskinson, Ouroboros protocol and mythological and historical references used in nomenclature.

Let’s change the world together! :beers: