Introducing Pool - WAAUS

Hi Everyone,

This is sk from WAAUS pool ( I am a software engineer who has been working in the field for as long as I can remember, 10+ years. Residing in Australia. I like building a good robust system and I recently take interest in Cardano ecosystem. I feel it has lots of potential and I am looking forward to contributing to the Cardano community. My intention to create a pool is to support decentralized crypto currency and to contribute to community.

summary about the pool:

What is next for the pool ? to make it better and better and better … :

  • Moving to Kubernetes
  • Improve website - i am guilty as charged. It is not the best site at the moment. Currently just a static website hosted on azure.
  • keep improving while waiting for main net!

what is next for me?

  • looking at the source code
  • helping others in the Cardano channel

Thank you all for reading. Please support the pool. It’s currently moving around in runway waiting for its passengers before taking off somewhere to la la land… If you want to reach out to me about anything (setting up pool, software development, fried chicken, food, food… ), feel free to drop me a line on telegram (@skokasik). Any other new pool operators who want to setup a pool, always feel free to reach out. Always glad to help out. hope everyone has a great new year!

ticker is WAAUS.

pool id: 0f4fb3160adabebd9f17863dea664cfd3e5cb1fa07cd7cd75473a82a65b8eafb


Here is the history of consistent block generation. join to grab high return while the pool is small.

Constant update on telegram channel, and sharing information about progress,

Finally have some extra time to step through and look at the code after quick read on the theory. Just need to find more time to get deeper understanding on how it is built. The more I understand the better for myself and Cardano community.