Introducing Pool - WAAUS

Hi Everyone,

This is sk from WAAUS pool ( I am a software engineer who has been working in the field for as long as I can remember, 10+ years. Residing in Australia. I like building a good robust system and I recently take interest in Cardano ecosystem. I feel it has lots of potential and I am looking forward to contributing to the Cardano community. My intention to create a pool is to support decentralized crypto currency and to contribute to community.

summary about the pool:

What is next for the pool ? to make it better and better and better … :

  • Moving to Kubernetes
  • Improve website - i am guilty as charged. It is not the best site at the moment. Currently just a static website hosted on azure.
  • keep improving while waiting for main net!

what is next for me?

  • looking at the source code
  • helping others in the Cardano channel

Thank you all for reading. Please support the pool. It’s currently moving around in runway waiting for its passengers before taking off somewhere to la la land… If you want to reach out to me about anything (setting up pool, software development, fried chicken, food, food… ), feel free to drop me a line on telegram (@skokasik). Any other new pool operators who want to setup a pool, always feel free to reach out. Always glad to help out. hope everyone has a great new year!

ticker is WAAUS.

pool id: 0f4fb3160adabebd9f17863dea664cfd3e5cb1fa07cd7cd75473a82a65b8eafb


Here is the history of consistent block generation. join to grab high return while the pool is small.

Constant update on telegram channel, and sharing information about progress,

Finally have some extra time to step through and look at the code after quick read on the theory. Just need to find more time to get deeper understanding on how it is built. The more I understand the better for myself and Cardano community.

I’m also from WA
currently staking on blue cheese steak house.
How is the pool progressing? What is current return rate

Hey Rytoke,

Glad to hear from you! The pool runs quite good so far. It is definetely not one of those pools with huge stake. Live stake is around 8.6 M at the moment. ROS is around 13.5%.

Feel free to join us in telegram channel , you are always welcome. I usually put information in the channel.

Hello skokasik,

Glad to see a pool grounded in WA. Cannot join until MainNet as I rely on Trezor T for safety. All the best and hoping for your success.

Hi OddPod,

Cheers mate! I would recommend joining the cardano official and other telegram channels, if you haven’t already :slight_smile: Lots of good information including progress eventhough you cannot join the ITN. Also feel free to join waaus telegram channel as well :slight_smile: you are always welcome.


Thanks for quick reply. I am in Bunbury WA. Will connect via Telegram.

Never used Telegram but have joined. How to message you?

Here is the WAAUS channel , Feel free to connect there, any questions fire away :slight_smile:

Many thanks

You are welcome. :slight_smile:

WAAUS is continuing to mainnet with lower fee. There has been a changed in the fixed price to 340. This is a minimum fee that will be charged per epoch as per protocol minimum requirement. In order to maintain roughly the same as before which is 2% fee , I have reduced the variable fee to 0.8%.

Always appreciate your support everyone!

Setup on Azure:
3 active relays with 1 relay on stand by
1 core node - active
daily backup for quick restoration


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Hi Everyone

we are still growing, current stake is around 4.32 M. Thank you for all current delegators. And we welcome new delegators.



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Very good pool operator who is very transparent and communicates with the people in his pool. Highly recommended!

Congratulations on your first block! It’s great to see people who have been working hard get rewarded!

Thank you Cardano-420, much appreciate it! It’s great to see Cardano growing by day and I cant wait to see what is next. I always like seeing everything comes together at the end, it is a great project.



Great job…love your attitude!

Thank you Brad! much much appreciate it.

I was not very optimistic in the early epoch due to probability of hitting a block, hence I made the annoucement about the probability of hitting the block. I think it is only fair for delegators to make their own choice given all the information they can have. :slight_smile:

but after seeing the result of 2 epoch, it is great to see that small pools have a fighting chance as well. this will drive to healthier Cardano network. Thank you for giving the pool a fighting chance! much appreciate it. I hope you still receive reward from the blocks we have made this epoch. the pool just got a nice present with extra block before epoch end. I think you should still get some since you switched at the end of epoch 211. So, total block this epoch is 2.

If you are still looking for a pòol to settle, always feel free to drop in Brad. you are always welcome! :slight_smile: and I always appreciate your support. Now I can be certain that the pool has been configured properly and able to hit blocks. I noticed during ITN when a pool hit a block, the chance of it being given a slot and hitting the next one seem to have increased.

Some people employ the following strategy: split between small pools and big pools. small pool for bigger reward portion, big pools for constant revenue but smaller in comparison.`I am not sure what is the nice mix in term of total ADA , but I think it is not a bad strategy. We just have to monitor few more epoch as d decreases further which means it increases the probability for small pools to hit a block. having said that it will also increase the load for the nodes , small pools need to weigh the cost of running with higher specs as d decreases further.

Thank you again for your encouragement and your support! :slight_smile:

Note: Just wanted to modify what I wrote earlier as we learned more about the ROS from the first epoch. So far, the ROS from small pools and big pools are roughly the same. I think it’s wise to monitor the output while staying with the pool you already committed to. We’ll learn more as d decreases further.