Introducing Pool - WAAUS


Hi Everyone,

Just re-posting my previous update as i found the information is not quite right in term of ROS.

We are currently in epoch 214, good to see more small pools are generating blocks. Last time I checked , there are around 400 pools out of 1080 have at least generate one block. d parameter slowly decreases as we are descending to full decentralised network. It’s an exciting time for Cardano! I look forward to the future of Cardano and I hope that we will achieve true decentralisation with POS. I believe it has a good chance of success

WAAUS just made 4 blocks in the past 2 epoch. with ROS 5.87%. Thank you for current delegators, hopefully the reward is as expected! New delegators are always welcome! If you are keen for technical discussion, feel free to join our telegram channel. We discuss anything! literaly anything - Cardano related tech and development, trading, latest technology on azure, big data, etc :slight_smile: Well sometimes the channel is pretty quiet, so anyone is welcome to start a topic.

Hope to see some of you in the pool. Cheers everyone!


Hi Everyone,

Hope everyone has been having a blast staking their ADA to support Cardano ecosystem! A gentle reminder for everyone about recent development in the number ‘k’ which is scheduled to be changed on 06 December 2020. And a quick update on WAAUS pool!

the ‘k’ parameter will change from 150 to 500. for further information on what is k, please refer to design specs

Below is the high level information about the parameters:

• The desired number of pools k ∈ N+.
• The influence a0 ∈ [0, ∞) the stake pledged by the owners should have on the desirability
of the pool. Small values of a0 indicate little influence.
• The expansion rate ρ ∈ [0, 1], determining the fraction of still available ada that will be
created per epoch.
• The fraction τ ∈ [0, 1] of rewards going to the treasury.

What does it mean for all delegators? This means that pool’s saturation level will drop from approximately 210m to 63.6m. Thus, it is very crucial for delegators to choose a pool below saturation level by less than 01 December 20 to ensure that you continue receiving the full amount of rewards. Enjoy your staking time in Cardano everyone!

Quick update on WAAUS pool, we received a ‘golden’ ticket from Cardano Foundation which last for 4 epoch. The pool successfully submit all blocks and get 4.8% - 5.7% ROS during this time. This prove that the pool is available 24/7 and will be able to hit any scheduled block allocated to it. We are still way below the new saturation level even after recent increase. I look forward for a new delegator to join the pool. Welcome to all new delegators !

Cheers everyone!


This is us:

Hi Septuro,

I’ve had all my ada staked with you since I started and am happy with the results.

It feels good to support another Aussie.

The coming Epoch’s rewards look astronomical!


Hi D !

This is awesome. I am very glad to hear your feedback. Thank you so much for supporting the pool! much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Last epoch was a good epoch for WAAUS. We had many more blocks in relative to the expected blocks given our stake. Enjoy the reward ! and thank you again for supporting the pool from the start. :slight_smile:



Hi Everyone,

hope everyone had a great weekend. The pool is still growing by time as we approach k=500. don’t forget to change to a pool which is below 64M to ensure that you keep receiving good return.

We experience a slight bad luck moment for last epoch and this epoch. Although our stake is quite good but we are still depending on the lottery result in getting the slots. Last epoch we were only given 1 slot and 0 slot for this epoch. I am sure that we will get through the dry period.

I certainly hope that new and old delegators will still be around to experience the high luck period where you experience around 15% ROA based on pool’s historical data. In the long run , your return should still converge to around 5% - 6%.

If you have any other questions , please feel free to ask in the channel or here.

have a great week everyone!