Introducing PsyADA - Psychedelic Cardano Stake Pool [PSYA]

Dear Cardanians,

I am happy to introduce myself and my pool in this great Cardano community.

About me:
My name is Lukas, coming from Czech Republic, but I am a full time nomad.
I live about 4 years on the road in my old converted van. All made by myself, solar powered.
I am an IT guy, have years of experience in networking, but I am also a street musician and most of the time on the road I’ve made my living by street music, it’s my passion, but last year was hard due to the world pandemic situation and restrictions. Life goes on, I went back to IT and that time I’ve discovered Cardano. After months of studiyng hard I have decided to make my own pool to participate and become a part of this amazing project.

Misson of the pool:
My pool has a mission to support psychedelic & plant medicine related research projects.
Will donate 20% of pool rewards to these projects (more info down below).
In case you know an interesting project to support, please contact me.

Pool HW configuration:
Nodes: 4Cores, 8GB RAM, 200 GB SSD / 200 Mbit bandwidth
Redundancy: Power supply & internet connection for each node
Security is the n°1 topic for me
Nodes located in Germany and Czech Republic (3 Relays and BP - Munich, Dusseldorf & Prague)

For the future I would like to deploy my nodes on solar power - ecology and green energy matters.

Ticker: [PSYA]
Pledge: 6,4K
Fixed fee: 340
Margin: 0% (for at least few months)
1 Owner/SPO pool

Pool ID: pool1zytydvyy3qztrs8l2xyggvkfcjctp23m2hc3aj7sudnzgny79cg

Contact: Telegram: Contact @lukas_psya

Operator experience:
In IT since my childhood. IT educated.
Worked as a network engineer for many years.
Years of practice with HW & System management.
Crypto & Blockchain enthusiast.

Why to choose PsyADA Pool?
By staking with [PSYA] you will support decentralization & security of the Cardano blockchain.
Don’t stake with whales, support small pool with 1 owner/SPO.

Choosing [PSYA] you will also support Psychedelic research and plant medicine related projects.

I speak 4 languages - English, Spanish, French and Czech and can provide support to my delegators in all of these languages.

In the end I would like to say thanks to this amazing Cardano community, Coincashew guide, Guild Operators Tools and Thomas from TTS17 pool and many more :wink:


Why support of psychedelic research?

We would like to raise higher awareness of use of psychedelics for therapeutical and medical purposes.

These kind of substances are potential breakthroughs for treating mental health disorders.

Stigmatization more than actual risks led to research regulatory control for decades, but the situation is rapidly changing now.

Psychedelic substances act as amplifiers of psychological processes and can be very usefull in therapeutical process for various types of mental illnesses.

Plant-based hallucinogens have been used inproject at ceremonies around the world for centuries.

What projects PsyADA wants to support?

Projects related to use of Psychedelics as an alternative to traditional methods in psychology and mental health disorder treatment.

Projects related to use of plant medicines as a native technique of healing practice of indigenous people. (Ayahuasca, Peyote, San Pedro, Kambo etc.)

Projects related to awareness of use of psychedelics for therapeutical and medical purposes.

What projects PsyADA will not support?

Any kind of recreational use of psychedelics or drugs.

Highly commercial related projects.