Introducing PSILOBYTE [PSB]

Hello Cardano community! Sorry for the late introduction, but here it is :slight_smile:

My name is Boris and Iā€™m the Director at Psilobyte Consulting Corp, an IT Services company from Edmonton, AB. Canada.

As a company, we are transitioning from a purely IT Services focused company to a Blockchain Services and Development company, and we are excited to share our vision with the community! As big Cardano enthusiasts, our first project of course, is our new Cardano Staking Pool! Please check us out :slight_smile: Psilobyte University is also coming soon, where you will be able to learn and share your knowledge about Cardano and Blockchain related topics!

  • Ticker / pledge / fixed fee / variable fee ( PSB / 50000 / 340 / 0% )
  • Website (if applicable)
  • Contact (if applicable) OR 1-877-PSBYTE-6
  • Pool ID / hash f2fa0dfea7f4caba8cbdd042c4940c783ee57f9516062725b04e19a3
  • Location Canada, Edmonton
  • Pool infrastructure 2x AMD EPYC 8 Core servers 128GB RAM Primary, 64GB RAM Secondary ( secondary site ), NVMe SSDs, Gigabit Fibre link with Failover internet. Server-grade EATON Lithium UPS units protecting the network racks. Also running a Japanese node in the Saitama Azure Cloud for geo-redundancy.
  • Pool redundancy (if applicable) We replicate our local VMs between the two main sites ( both in Edmonton), and our servers are fully redundant arrays. We also have a Japanese cloud relay. Gigabit fibre link also has LTE backup with automatic Same IP failover. We have a good relationship with our ISP and can call them at moments notice to do any required mitigation.
  • Operator experience I ( Boris ) have over 15 years experience in the IT field, focusing mainly on server infrastructure, disaster recovery and security.
  • Why should users check out your pool? Our long term goals are to integrate with the Cardano blockchain and the community and provide services on top of the Cardano blockchain. As mentioned, we also provide professional IT Services, and are opening other services soon like the Psilobyte University, that will be free to use for all! We decided to support the Cardano blockchain, mainly due to the peer-reviewed development approach behind the project, and the great community. You can check us out at our website, or also at Adapools, Pooltool and other sites, if you search for the PSB ticker. On behalf of the company, I would like to thank everybody in advance who joins us in this great adventure! We thank each one of you for your support!

By the way, we also have a staking bonus deal right now, please visit our ADAPOOLS page for more details! [PSB] PSILOBYTE | Cardano Staking

We are taking 1/3 of our stake in the pool ( not from pledge but personal funds ) and will be going around helping other startup SPOs who deserve it ( have shown dedication to the Cardano network ) and need help getting that first block or need that extra delegation to make consistent blocks. Please support our PSB pool while we go out and help others :slight_smile: If you want to be part of this movement and have a decent ADA delegation to contribute, please DM us in Twitter @877PSBYTE6 to find out how you can contribute to this cause! We have a group already with several members.

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We just distributed our first batch of ADA STAKING BONUS rewards. See our adapools page, ticker PSB for more details :slight_smile: