Hello from Signature Staking Pool

Hello Cardanians,
I’m Riccardo, an Italian living in Barcelona and think I missed to introduce myself some time ago (live since epoch #34) but here i’m back, so:
“We are 2 tech-artists running a Cardano stake pool based on 2 dedicated servers in Amsterdam. We charge a small fee to be able to scale our infrastructure and maintain the service (Fixed: 100A; Variable: 7.25%). Your trusted and valuable Cardano ‘Stake-of-the-Art’ pool is Signature.”

Please visit our website: www.signaturestaking.com and check our live statistics directly from the blockchain.

The name si coming from the idea of signing a block instead of minting it, but we just want to make sure decentralization is working properly and that we can be part of this leaving our “signature” over those fabulous blocks as a sign of trust and value.

For any question please, do not hesitate!

Signature Team


ciao Riccardo from another Italian stake pool operator

welcome to the forum, I already saw you in the telegram groups, glad to see you here too! :blush: