Energy Payment System

Currently in England there are power meters that take payment using an electricity key. The company that is used in the UK is Talexus.

The thing I do not like about the electricity key is that if you lose it you are out of luck. You will be reading by candle light.

This could be easily remedied by creating a digital electricity key kept in Yoroi for example. This will make it far easier for people in the UK to recover their key.

These meters are likely used in other countries in Europe. There are many countries around the world that do not use these kinds of systems.

For the most part people in North America pay online, in person, or over the phone. What an electricity key does is cut out a step in the payment process making payments more efficient.

The more efficient and secure these systems are the greater the profits of the company will be.

A system in which ADA is used to process these transactions seems to be an excellent application for the Cardano network.

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