Entity competition in Cardano x Future IOG prediction

Hi everyone,

The past few years have presented a great deal of understanding of what this project is all about. At this important time, I’m trying to extrapolate the future of the three entities behind the Cardano project. More than 5 billion ADA was collectively distributed to Input Output Hong Kong, Emurgo, and The Cardano Foundation. Understanding the future of the entities will allow investors to make sound decisions and future projections. In recognition of all of the work IOG has done, I make a gutsy prediction about the future of the company.


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Interesting video Phillipe, thanks for sharing your thoughts and information

Before i comment, cards on the table, IOHK/G and Emurgo from what i’ve observed seem quite awesome.

Ref your video, I agree, especially over the legacy funds, i believe the reason why TrustSwap was created was for this exact situation i.e. to ensure a fair roll out of equity release, AFTER what was promised has been delivered and at pre-agreed criteria. I hope and trust that the holders of said funds (if they haven’t already dissolved a lot of their position) don’t do a ‘Sushiswap’ or for people who have been around a while, do a ‘Charlie Lee’ !

The irony regarding your comments and my view above, is we are in the business of don’t trust, verify ! on that point and i’m not sure who answers your questions (or if in fact they will).

Regarding funds, I appreciate there may be some business sensitive details which cannot be addressed, also we don’t necessarily need to know all individual names/ beneficiary’s etc. however the names of who will be liquidating funds or have authority to act and what criteria they will be using for such a large amount of ADA does need clarifying.

Re : Other business interests, in the interests of fairness and to promote a good business brand going forward, it would be prudent for all concerned parties to just provide clear responses to the questions you have raised in this video. Suggest you send them in (if you haven’t already).
Like you my concerns would be around conflict of interest, if it’s not a problem then all we need is an explanation then we can make an informed choice.

Finally the 1000 ADA pledge is just a bit odd, i noticed that the other day and would add this:
Whatever their reason, they should disclose the rationale, in part because of their completely unique position within the eco system.
Additionally it just doesn’t look good, for them or to anyone doing their ‘due diligence’, it may just be an oversight, it may be security issue? It could easily be fixed.

I’m a big fan of Cardano/ADA, i’ve bought into their ideology and really appreciate CH, i love seeing his passion for this project and watch his AMA’s a part of my weekly routine. I do think that all parties are pulling in the same direction and your questions just need someone to address the issues raised.

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Good points.

I see you getting astonished a few times with Emurgo’s decision around pledge (my response here is specifically to the subsection). While you’re thinking with the business cap on - I find their decision to be much more helpful to community - they’re not pledging high amount themselves and effectly making an entity pool to be not too desirable, which in turn means (under normal desirability logic on paper) that community pools may have better chances to accumulate delegations, just my view :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi rdlrtAmbassadors
I agree that may be the reason, and therefore just state it, i’m sure it would be very welcome by the community that their actions are so benevolent and it’s a great PR opportunity for them.
We are talking about a serious amount of ADA and coins, appreciate they can’t be jumping to every whim, it’s just such a key point for all pools (delegators and pool operators)

Have Fun

That’s definitely one way to look at it.