Has the epoch calendar changed since vasil upgrade?
Just my Daedulus countdown doesnt seem to tally with whats on Azureada.

No, it hasn’t. Same as it has always been since Shelley.

Perhaps, Daedalus forgot your timezone?

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Thanks. It states net epoch starts in 8.5 hours. Correct?
Where as azureada says its tomorrow at 21:45.

It starts in 8.5 hours, which is 2022-09-27 21:45 UTC.
Azureada says the same as far as I can see.

Thanks for clarifying.

Shows as 28th september on Azureada site for me. Based in Tokyo.

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Strange. It really shows UTC for me, not CEST based on location or maybe BST based on language choice.

Weird eh. Thats what threw me off. As long as DW is just the same then nothing to worry about. All the best.