Network Time?

I read somewhere (meaning = unconfirmed source) that Cardano’s network run’s on NPT time (i.e. Nepal Time). I found that to be… interesting, but my question still stands. What time zone/setting should my Azure server be set to? The server is on the west coast USA. Not sure exactly where but the physical time zone would most likely, almost certainly, be Pacific Time. Currently, the server is on UCT (i.e. Universal Time).


Why do you care about it? :slight_smile:


I read in some documentation that not being in sync with the Cardano network time (main-net) will cause my node issues. I don’t want any issues when I connect to main-net (if possible).


There will be no issues if u are using another time zone! Will be a problen indeed if u are not in sync… that’s why I will recommend you to use chrony



Lovely, you are the best!

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Dear Alex,

thank you to post this video, so I have a question my cardano nodes looking at the nodes logs they are working with utc time, my ubuntu machine is under the italian time zone, so for example my node is showing information about a tx at 12:00 but the ubuntu server that is hosting the node is showing 14:00, can this be an issue? Should I change something?

Anyway I understood that chrony will be very usefull to have a precise time synch and I wil install and configure it.

Thank you again.

Is it NPT or NTP (Network Time Protocol) ? Usually modern OS do provide a NTP client. And as it has been said, computers don’t care much for Time Zones, they’re for humans and not internal clocks.

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Should I change something?


I concur, if it works for you it’s ok. But for further reference, it all depends on the OS you’re using on your Azure VM.

Point being, try working with what you’ve got before looking for something you don’t have (in this case third-party software). Do not forget to open port 123/udp (Network Time Protocol) of your firewall.

Hi Alex,

thank you for the clarification.

I’ll go ahead installing chrony to betterify the time synch.

Nice tip.

Thank you.

Dear Raph,

thank you for the information, this ca be for sure usefull for users that are under azure.


You’re welcome. And please, do not forget to previously disable or remove any current NTP client, if that’s the case. By the way, the choice of a close (in terms of network jitter) NTP server or pool is equally important. You’ll find useful resources and public time servers list on website.

As a matter of fact, they even provide Nepalese Time servers :wink:, there are only two of them at the moment though and I wouldn’t advise using them, unless you’re in Nepal :nepal:.