What is the assigned slots timezone in cncli

cncli 0.5.6

  "assignedSlots": [
      "no": 1,
      "slot": 18525136,
      "slotInEpoch": 208336,
      "at": "2021-01-07T23:37:07-08:00"

the machine which created the report is in UTC
Wed Jan 6 14:37:41 UTC 2021

my question is that what is the timezone of the assignment? Why there is a 8 hour subtraction?

Where is the server located? What country?

Hi Alex!

The server is in Hungary, Europe. The machine timezone is UTC.

I am not sure 100% but can be another time zone like … Eastern Standard Time in the U.S.

But I can be sure that the block will be make at 23:37:07 utc-8 time

Maybe someone else will tell u what meaning

"you can change the timezone with a command-line parameter. The default is “America/Los_Angeles”
so that means that the block should be created next day at 07:37:07
default timezone is PST - so will change it to UTC. Thanks!

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