Should your relay nodes be geographically distant?

Hi there I have a second relay that I have placed in Hong Kong and my BP node and first relay is in the UK. I note that the RTT times for the HK relay when viewed in gLiveView is either very long at over 500 ms or there is no time showing. It does show that all servers are reachable however. Are these times too slow and should I move my second relay back to the UK to speed things up?


I have also this “issue” with my relay from SUA (~220 ms); But I think the propagation time is influenced by the “quality” of the internet. And I think what is under 1 second is good enough.

Also u can check this site for propagation time,
If u are sending data to pooltool your pool should be there

Hi Alex - thanks for the help once again. I am sending data to the pooltool from my BP node using the ptsendtip command and I can see that it is synced on Pooltool. I am not sure however how I would get my relay nodes to pooltool - maybe I check out pooltool. Also my BP node does not come up on the propagation times on the Pooltool - do I need to do something to see it there?


The pooltool sendtip script should runs only on BP
what is your pool ticker? Did you made an account on pool tool for API key… which should be edited in cncli script?


Yes I made an account on Pooltool and added the API key to my cncli script when I set up the sendtip script

Ticker is GNP1

It’s ok



Great thanks - can I just check one thing however with my basic setup. My relays are just basic nodes with no keys or certificates on them. The topology file on the BP node points to both relays and only communicates with the relays. There is no Topology updater on the BP node. Now the relay nodes has the Topology Updater on it and communicates with the BP and other relays. All 3 nodes have transactions being processed and steadily increasing. Does this sound like everything is working OK?

Yes, should be fine if your BP (core mainnet) has tx incrementing, peers in/out keys information and also block info like:


Also u can set in BP fw to accept income traffic only from ur relays

And for relays should look like


In conclusion everything u mentioned about ur nodes is right… all u have to do now is to be patient and to find delegators… and ofcourse to create blocks.

Thanks Alex - much appreciated

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