Weird error after upgrade to Daedalus 4.8.0

I updated my Daedalus install today and a couple of things seem off.
1 - The time of the epoch end has suddenly shifted about 2 hours earlier

(The second ‘error’ I have now found and corrected - not a Daedalus error at all)

copy one address from daedalus and paste it on … the total balance match?

Also u can paste the address on → rewards data for taxes and u should see all the rewards history


Timezone issue? Maybe it displays UTC, now?

Messages crossed … I found the error … Looks like a change I made ages ago didn’t get copied throughout the spreadsheet, and because I change the calculated data to fixed data periodically, the update didn’t carry through correctly. Found it about two minutes after giving up and typing my Q.

I read somewhere that the perfect way to find an error is post a message and then go back and relook at it/the problem. I guess I just proved that :slight_smile:

Thank you for the suggestion. I should have thought of that … I have used it before (well, for other blockchains, not needed to for ADA yet)

That won’t fly I am afraid. My timezone (GMT) is currently identical to UTC. I did wonder where the Epoch time is centred and if that might have had a time change resulting in a UTC delta change - but that shouldn’t really affect a UTC time anyway as that is a universal international reference time.

Oh, then it can’t be that. Was just a wild guess.

As far as I can see, epoch boundary is still – as it has always been – at 21:45 UTC, 22:45 CET/BST, 23:45 CEST.

Maybe I had it set to a different timezone without realising it and the update picked up the correct one. Seems the most likely thing. The times you state match what I am now seeing. Thanks for the confirmation though. I may just be having one of those days - I have been screwing up small things all day …

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