Daedalus NTP out-of-sync issue

Hello all,

So far i’ve been using Yoroi wallet, but for some reason i wanted to try Daedalus out. After first startup i noticed that like many other, im also suffering Daedalus NTP time issue.

  • Tried manual syncing trought Daedalus (Did not work)
  • Tried manual syncing trought WIN10 (Did not work)
  • Checked and re-enabled the correct WIN10 time server (Did not work)
  • Did some reboots in every possible stages (Did not work)
  • Triple installed Daedalus (Did no work)

Is there anything i could try out? I dont want to go too deep, like editing any files etc, because this kind of system where you keep a lot of yout “fortunes” really should work out of the box.
But if im missing some basic stuff, please share :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


maybe will help

If not, contact IOHK support team