Error: change address staking rights do not match the current account

When I try to send from my Yoroi ADA wallet, I go to my wallet and then click “Send” and put in the recipients info and the amount I want to send.

Then I follow the instructions on the screen and my Trezor.

I then get a message on my wallet saying: “Change Address staking rights do not match the current address”

After I click ok, it says “Change Amount XXXX” with a different number of ADA. IF i click ok, then I get an error message on the yoroi wallet.

Any idea?


Did u changed the trezor wallet?
same errors even if u try on or in mozilla firefox?


No my trezor is the same. I would like to try another browser, but I do not know how to restore my Yoroi - Trezor wallet there.

Be care full

U must have the seed words for trezor