Yoroi Trezor "Change address staking rights..." problem with sending ADA

So I’m trying to send ADA on my Yoroi wallet linked to a Trezor Model T.

It was working fine but now it’s not.

When I try to confirm on the Trezor the following message pops up:

“Change address staking rights do not match the current account”. Followed by a staking key hash and weirdly a “Change amount” from 5 ADA to 34 ADA.

Even if I accept this change the transaction fails.

So my ADA are stuck on the Yoroi wallet (visible) but I can’t send them.

I’ve restored the Trezor with it’s seed but it doesn’t help.

I’ve contacted Yoroi support, no idea when or if they will respond.

I’ve seen that this topic has come up before but so far none of the suggestions have worked for me.

thanks for any help, not panicking, just stuck!

did u changed/replaced the trezor? Try to uninstall/install yoroi extension

If not working then try on adalite.io

Same Trezor, it was working fine a few days ago. I made no changes.

When I connect to adalite.io the balance of the wallet is zero. The balance on the Yoroi is ok, all coins are there.

I’m worried that if I remove the Yoroi extension that would also remove the wallet which has the correct balance? I don’t want to make a bad situation even worse if I can help it.

I have 2 wallets on the Yoroi, a shelley Trezor one and a shelley standard.

I guess I could go on another pc and install Yoroi again using the Trezor without removing the one already installed?

So, if u connect the trezor on adalite.io and u are seeing 0 balance then are u sure the ada are on trezor and not in your simple yoroi wallet?

In yoroi where do u see the ADA? on simple wallet or on trezor wallet?

In this situation u should not delete the yoroi wallets

The ADA are definitely in the Shelley -Trezor wallet but I can’t move them.

The standard wallet is working fine.

Understand but why on adalite u have the balance 0… do u see the transactions history on adalite.io?

did u made something on trezor like setting a password?

No history on adalite.io.

Full history on yoroi.

I only use a pin on the Trezor, I don’t use the passphrase option.

I reloaded the Trezor with it’s seed words and all is fine with the Trezor but it still did not allow any transfers out of Yoroi. The wallet and it’s information is correct but it won’t allow me to move the ADA.

So, this issue appeared after u restored the trezor right?
It is possible to have a new wallet now… do u have more seed words?

No this issue appeared before the Trezor got restored.

I restored the wallet to see if it would make a difference but it did not.

Trezor say the problem lies with Yoroi, they may be right, I don’t know.

Ok, but do u remember if before to restore the trezor if u had a password ?

100% it is related with a passphrase; if u restored without it basically u created another wallet

The Trezor has a pin and the mnemonic seed to recover the old wallet.

The Trezor has no password to the Yoroi as far as I can remember. I’ll have to find another pc and recheck the procedure.

The standard shelley wallet has a spending password and a 15 word mnemonic but this only applies to the standard wallet.

The Trezor does not create a new wallet, it restores the old one, that’s the idea of the mnemonic? Everything on the restored Trezor is fine apart from the Cardano which are held in the Yoroi wallet and unable to be moved. They are visible just not accessible.

I’ve also never seen this staking address function on the Trezor. Where did that come from?

Can u check the address from trezor on cardanoscan.io?

Do u see any funds or transactions? Wait 1 min to give u something

From trezor

Remember that if you use a passphrase, you will need to re-enable the feature after recovering your Trezor. Use the same passphrase to re-access your wallet.

The Trezor only supports ADA through a third party wallet so you can’t see anything from the Trezor end.

A recent Yoroi transaction for ADA using the Trezor is