Error in Relay node

Just have this view using gLiveView script ub my Relay node
But I have this in BP.
I had to rebuild all some days ago because I was having problems running the topologyUpdater script and was working well.
But now it seems that there is no sync…
Could anyone help me to check what can be happening?

Many thanks in advance.


Could be an error from gliveview… did u changed something in env file?
Try to restart the node


I had to download it again but have changed the code with the correct settings path.
And now when I try to run the script topologyUpdater it´s logging this error
{ “resultcode”: “502”, “datetime”:“2021-01-25 22:51:17”, “clientIp”: “externalipaddressconfigured”, “msg”: “invalid blockNo [0]” }

The thing is that in the BP it seems to be receiving TX

I already restarted the node, and it´s doing the same.

It’s working now?

It´s showing the same information. Block, Slot and Density : 0
But it seems to be processing TX…
Maybe can see something else into log views?

Are u using cntools?

I created the nodes using the Coincashew guide.

And u have an env file for glive and topology updater right?

Can u put here the nano env output?
Or could be the configuration file u downloaded…

Compare the configuration file from BP with configuration file from relay… if u see something different it means u downloaded the new configuration file for 1.25 version;
u can copy the configuration file from BP to relay

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Ok. I will try that and come back with the result.
Many thanks

Dear Franae,

Like Alex suggests, I agree with him.

please copy the mainnet-config.json file from your bp to your relay.
My bet is that you have on your relay node a config.json file which is not supported by, yet.

Johann ADAholycs

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It was just exactly that problem.
Thank you very much for your help with this issue.

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