Error running Relay

Hi - I am running version 8.1.1 and this was build using ghc 8.10.7 and cable My not has been just stopping since upgrading but not error messages so today ran it manually using script…got this error.

Listening on
./ line 9: 19547 Segmentation fault (core dumped) /usr/local/bin/cardano-node run --topology ${TOPOLOGY} --database-path ${DB_PATH} --socket-path ${SOCKET_PATH} --host-addr ${HOSTADDR} --port ${PORT} --config ${CONFIG}

My spec is 4 core VM with 24GB memory and 24GB swap.

Any reason for this and advice on how to fix this.



Try to upgrade it to 8.1.2, the latest version, and try to start again the node… probably the bin files are corrupted


Trying this from another build…will report back on progress.

The strange thing is when this happens it almost wipes out the contents of DB folders…this is what is left.

$ du -h .
2.1G ./immutable
126M ./volatile
136M ./ledger
2.3G .

After few weeks of testing it was due to a bad memory module.