Error when trying to instant buy with Nami on CNFT ( Wallet could not send tx)

Im trying to buy a CNFT and I setup everything on my Nami wallet, payed the collateral etc. but every time I try to instant buy the NFT after confirmation that everything is good, I sign the transaction and at that moment everything fails and there is a msg popping up that says : ‘’ Wallet could not send Tx.’’ . and the transaction is just pending at that point and nothing happens. soooo anyone knows what the Tx is ?? and how the … do i send it ?? I’ve tried finding about it everywhere but nothing tells me what this is, and I think at this point it’s just me that is dumb.

Switch to (use restore option + NAMI seed words)


Thanks, but why do I have to switch? I’m getting a message that says “wallet could not send the tx”. What is wrong with using Nami? I just got it lol.

it has some issues last days… but it looks like they fixed it… the only problem now is the network congestion

I tried the ccvault way and both didn’t work any ideas?

Did anyone find a solution im having the same problem cant remove listed nfts ??

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having the same issue as well.

How many transactions are lost because people give up? In order for this tech to be successful, they need to get it squared away.

Just tried to buy a nft on Still getting the message: Wallet could not send TX.
Anyone has a solution?

I am using Chrome and i had to be logged in through my google and it then worked for me.

I’m also using chrome. I logged in to my google account but i got the same error.

Same here, still not able to purchase any NFT using Nami wallet. Does any wallet work or is this issue?