ERROR: You specified 12788 as your EKG port, but it looks like the cardano-node is not listening on this port. Please update the config or kill the conflicting process first

Screenshot 2022-06-21 at 12.41.51

ok, let’s download the scripts again

sudo systemctl stop cnode
cd ~/tmp

run ./ -f script (it is possible to ask for update first so press Y then run again ./ -f)
wait to finish then start the node
sudo systemctl start cnode
check glive again

will do, I did try this before my post. I’ll post shortly to result.

aa ok, then question, the relay is working? because if you will move the files from priv folder from BP to Relay you’ll can retire it from there

ok, but after this operation do not modify any file, just start the node

The relay is connected ok. 36 peers

Screenshot 2022-06-21 at 12.49.38

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Success. BP connected in relay mode.

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when I tried before, I modified files.

Now u can retire the pool from cntoolS

do not de-register the wallet address yet! Only after u will withdraw 500 ADA received back after retire