Establish CO₂ Transparency for foods (call for participation)

We are putting together a consortium (and funding approx. 1.5m €) to establish the CO₂ transparency for all purchased foods - and publish them on the cardano blockchain.

We ( are an organization that caculates with life cycle assesments of food products and publish them already with retailers, food producers and restaurants enabled through technology we can do that at scale - and want to to do about 1million product calculations (basically everything in the European market) in this project.

The second organization helps us to link our product assessments towards primary data from the farms, to create fluent transition framework from estimated CO₂ values, towards more and more accurate results.

The third organization works in remote sensing (satellite data) to link measurements of deforestation, crop rotations, field measurements and identities into the dataset also to provide easy access for farmers to onboard our solution.

Now we are looking for you, a small team of engineers with experience developing on the cardano blockchain, who wants to build with us the infrastructure were all this data will reside. From farm to fork participants in the food chain will contribute more detailed data, while our infrastructure will calculate results that can be associated directly with the consumer end products for display.
• you will be fully able to exploit the technology that you build on your own
• you would need be legally founded and operational already for a couple of years and located in Europe
• you will receive about 3-500k € as part of the funding

It would be great if you see a possibility to integrate with existing technologies from emurgo (trace) or atala.

for more details contact me directly over the contact informations you find here: Idea & Vision

I am looking forward to meet,