Supporting environmentally friendly farmers who work with Permaculture principles

How can we support small farmers who have environmentally friendly production, through a Cardano-based application? I’m going to share a few ideas and looking forward to hearing the ideas from the community. We may build a native token, for creating a permanent record of transactions of the farmers. Hence, we can help farmers to build a permanent history of their harvest. The app can deliver a native token that can be redeemed for cash when needed, or applied to other transactions (like paying their energy bills, payment to workers and volunteers). Farmers can be connected to each other for farm-to-farm exchange of goods. Value of goods can be defined based on the supply and demand balance or goods can be simply swapped between farms through smart contracts. Dapp can also allow for crowdfunding for supporting farmer initiatives. In return, investors can be rewarded with the products.
Building such connections between farmers to farmers and farmers to customers is needed for achieving a sustainable community.
Let’s get in touch about how we can cooperate and further develop the idea.
Greetings from Turkey!


Hello Ozgur,
I know you want to build something little different, but doesn’t it have something in common with the project that Cardano already did, so you can start building on that foundation?


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Der Jakup thank you very much for the idea. We arranged a meeting with Peter Costur from Scan Trust on the 29th in this month. Hoping to establish a collaboration with them.
Warm regards!

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