Hi — Sharing and Testing out ideas for a new Dapp project: Shareable Futures

Hi Everyone,

My name is Patrick.

We (shareablefutures.com) are starting to build requirements for a Cardano native NFT geo-tagged asset project: an ADA-only driven Dapp — a token exchange focused on saving natural and historic places.

(We’re a little late for the Catalyst effort . . .)

Idea: Create a community-based exchange of Cardano native tokens that are geo-tagged to habitats and historic places under threat. The places would be represented by digital art and assets created by the community.

The exchange would be a highly user-experience driven, mobile-only exchange.

Benefit: Proceeds would be divvied up after-cost to create 1) a NowBank and 2) a FutureBank for site protection and habitat development funding to support location specific efforts.

Need: We’re building a small, brain-trust team now to test ideas and build partner and resource requirements and would love to hear what people think!!

Excited to become part of the community!

Thanks a ton,

— Patrick

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