European Central Bank Paper on "Virtual Currency Schemes" October 2012

I think there is a Great understanding of Digital Currencies by the powers that be.

Ranging from the CIA to who have you.

Potential for Market Manipulation, and or Control?

They were completely aware

Virtual currency schemes may be inherently unstable. Nevertheless, for the time being they
do not jeopardise fi nancial stability, given their limited connection to the real economy,
the low volumes traded and the lack of wide user acceptance. However, developments should be
carefully monitored, as the situation could change substantially in the future.”


Still mostly true, ten years later.

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That being said…

Cryptocurrencies are still influential none the less

and that speaks magnitudes.

Cryptocurrencies fill the void of discontent of our economic system with action and means to invest.

I am actually Anti Crypto Currencies generally speaking however I am invested in Cardano because of several reasons but the most important is to further my understanding on the Subject, You can do that without investing but I feel I’m utilizing this forum often. Also I believe in Cardano and in their approach with the Scientific method. I think that is how Governments should be run. So I am with a bit of reluctancy also a believer in Cardano. Which is a huge testament because “I don’t want none”.

Long story short Cryptocurrencies to me are like an open experiment, The free market trying to figure out the Best Currency for Nations to use in the future, maybe ultimately a One World Currency