Evaluation of startup functionality

Hello, I would like to implement startup Tribal Market on the Cardano blockchain. To find out if Cardano can technically fulfill all the tasks of a startup, please advise an official technical specialist

The project is an nft marketplace - one interface on the web, dapp, app with a common database.

Internal Users:

  1. Superadmin
  2. Account manager
  3. User support department P1
  4. Digital gallery admin (offline and online)
  5. Traffic manager for site placements
  6. Radio station admin

External Users:
P1. Artist owner nft, creator - kyc
P2. Buyer - collector or private investor - kyc
P3. Content user - not authorized - no kyc

How the system works:
P1 uploads nft to the platform and fills in the required data: nft category, artist level, country. This data will affect the % calculation of APR for NFT storage, and automatically determine the price for the first publication and further prices after the sale (each category and artist level will have its own formula for calculating prices for sale)

After the sale, a part of 10-20% of the budget of the NFT value is sent to the liquidity pool, the rest is transferred to the P1 or P2 wallet

After the NFT is sold, it is sent to the last sale block and the price for the next sale - the offer is increased by 50% automatically. Users cannot control the price, The more NFT sales, the more rare the asset becomes and the level of the Artist who downloaded it increases, thereby reducing the percentage of royalties in the liquidity pool (for example, if the artist closed 10 sales or resales of 1 NFT, he receives 5% more accruals )

NFT categories (types of NFT staking):

  1. Music - all tracks are included in
    Radio and token holder can download any track to their device (similar to YouTube music)
    Staking NFT audio files
  2. Photo
  3. Digital ART - gif, jpeg
  4. Video
  5. 3D source files
  6. Visualization of villas and apartments
  7. Holograms

It is necessary to propose the optimal blockchain based on categories for staking and technical tasks.

Please advise experts to evaluate the Tribal Market NFT project in terms of timing

Project introduction
Name: Tribal Market
The blockchain platform developed for digital artists who can create NFT and buyers who can stake a digital asset (block NFT on the marketplace) and receive an allocation of Tribal Market tokens

The platform includes a crowdfunding direction including the Emergence Market - which is not a place to store useless NFTs, because the rating system determines the value of each NFT for creators and affects the % of APR

White paper

I find it disappointing to see that KYC is required for all commerce roles in your system while the project is still in the drawing board stage: especially without your mentioning any geographical regions or their presumed regulatory requirements.

The Cardano platform could well support your idea, but the community itself might also raise an eyebrow at this particular detail. :face_with_monocle:


Thank you for your involvement - KYC is an additional feature that makes it possible, for example, to obtain a NFT owner certificate (optional feature)

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