Exciting times - KEVM, Ouroboros, Shelley, Daedalus!

I have been following Cardano for some time and I am most excited about KEVM and PoS. A huge amount of Ethereum’s value today comes from being the best clonetoken platform. To be able to directly port most of the code created for the EVM into Cardano while also giving regular programmers the ability to write blockchain programs in their languages is HUGE.

PoW with non restricted block sizes is a great solution for digital gold and there can only be one or two of those that hold meaningful value. PoS is a great solution for blockchain programming and all amazing functions that result from it.

Cardano is, by far, the most promising proposal for the blockchain programming platform and I hope you are as excited about it as I am.

There is a lot of hard work that is not visible but what is visible is often an indication of what else that is going on behind closed doors and Charles Hoskinson’s relentless and ultra-eloquent zealous advocacy of Cardano is a very good indicator. Keep up the great work!


Great post. I feel the same way!