[experimental] playing with jormungandr and creating BFT nodes

A few of us are messing around with jormungandr and creating bft node testnets. I haven’t been successful getting multiple nodes to create blocks on the same network, but have been able to get the nodes talking. A standalone node is sort of working though.

I wrote some very rough, quick and dirty instructions. I have no idea whether I’m doing things properly, just messing around :slight_smile:

Instructions: https://lovelace.community/testnet.html

EDIT/PSA: FYI This is alpha code (jormungandr ) and NOT ready for an actual public testnet. Please don’t consider this as any official announcement/post. I’m just some keyboard cowboy community member who got bored one night.


Changed category to Developers as more appropriate.

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Thanks. I wasn’t sure where was the best place for it.

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creating testnets

Nice work @kyleo , can I suggest you to change wording from creating testnets to setting up BFT nodes or something on those lines? I feel the word testnet , as being used, might confuse people with ‘shelley testnet’ , which is a bit far off from where we are as of 12-May :slightly_smiling_face:


Changed. Don’t want to confuse folks.