Relay node

Hey guys, I was able to setup my core node without any problems, but I could not find any information regarding how to configure a relay node as defined in the topology best practices. I am assuming I would be running versions of jormungandr marked as relay and then configure my core instance to communicate with each, but I haven’t found any details yet. I’m about to start digging into the source to see if I can figure it out, but if anyone has any tips that could save me time I would appreciate it.

You really should be in the TG stake pool workgroup, that’s the place for such questions.

I asked in there last night and didn’t get a response. Yesterday someone suggested posting on the forum or in Reddit for answers to questions, now you are suggesting I post on Telegram :). Just looking for some help man.

I will definitely help the community put together some documentation/how to guides when I get through this :). This is one of those “teach a man to fish” moments. Still trying to figure out the best place to even ask a questions.

I’d close the thread, but I can’t, so I’ll drop a link here that someone might find useful around configuring Jormungandr and the options available.

Sorry you didn’t get your answer in the TG group but I’d be very surprised if there’s anywhere better, it was set up for exactly this purpose, people helping each other to get testnet nodes up and running.

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I think the forum is a great place to discuss these type of things. Way better structured than in a Telegram group.

With the networking phase of the stake pools I’m sure there will be documentation and best practice about the relay nodes. Everyone should have at least one but I can’t imagine how more than two, at most maybe three relay nodes, can still be sustainable for a pool operator.

This will definitely be very exciting.


Totally agree. What I said was based on the stated purpose of the TG group, and the (lack of) actual relevant activity on the forum. It would be great if the forum got much more activity of this sort.


Hi @Joel_K.

There are no relay nodes in the current Jormungandr build. It’s too soon to say anything about it yet.

Hope that helps.


I’ve managed to set up a signing node and connect it to an “idle” node over internet. Next step, let’s check if I can broadcast a tx through the “idle” one.
If ok, this “idle” node would essentially be relay node ?

Now I’m facing the same problem. The Cardano node is already so polished, but the guide to separate the relay node and BP node, still not too clear. Well, at least for me and I’m still looking for an answer.
Hope somebody can help.

You’re responding to a very old thread that was for completely different codebase (rust codebase using jormungandr).
Please raise a seperate post.

Thanks for your reply. I already did.
Here’s my post.

But, I put in staking and delegation section. Should I move to this section?

Nope that section is fine.

Okay, thanks hopefully someone answer my question.