Facebook solution?

Is there a distributed ledger/blockchain solution for social media security issues?

Steemit? It’s more of a blogging site but it’s blockchain based.

I’ve just deactivated Facebook and I’ll probably delete it soon.

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I don’t think that putting private information on a distributed ledger is a good idea, because you always have to take into account that ‘state of the art’ cryptography might be cracked in future. And then, your private information is open for everybody distributed over the world.

There are somewhat decentralized social networks like mastodon. Mastodon is a federation of nodes and you can choose on which node you want to place your social account (and there is a mechanism for moving it easily to another node). It is more like Twitter than Facebook. You can choose you poison, the node you want to trust with your data.

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Diaspora would also be a decentralized social network.