Failed install Daedalus

i just want to install daedalus in ubuntu, but if i try to install with chmod +x and then run ./daedalus-4.7.0-mainnet-20341.bin

terminal like this :
“bash: ./daedalus-4.7.0-mainnet-20341.bin: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error”

how to install daedalus ? i try to find in youtube same way, but why cannot install in my laptop

bash daedalus-4.7.0-mainnet-20341.bin

nothing happend like same

Did you check the GPG signature or the SHA sum of the ?

yes i check the GPG and SHA sum of file

This is a x86_64 CPU right and not something like an M1 Mac?

of course my laptop was X86_64 CPU

What does file daedalus-4.7.0-mainnet-20341.bin say?

How did you download the file? Have tried downloading it by another method?

i download the file in official daedalus website, so if cannot installed daedalus in my laptop for now is okay

HOW did you download it? If you downloaded it with your web browser try using curl or wget.